Note To Parents
Dear Parent:

There really is a difference in summer jobs. Just as when I painted for College Craft during my college years, College Craft continues to stand alone in offering students the best training, the best support, the best advancement opportunities and the best pay.

We ask for a serious commitment in return: we ask that each employee be honest, learn our systems, work hard every week of their summer break, and we ask that each employee strives for advancement.

I strongly believe that a summer job with College Craft is the most meaningful employment experience available for today's students.


Scott Mennie

Common Questions Asked by Parents...

What kind of training do you have?
College Craft wrote the textbook on house painting and we use it in training as well as seminars, workshops, written materials, on-site training, audio cassettes, video, etc. to train employees to be proficient in safe and effective operation. What kind of work will my son/daughter be doing? College Craft paints the exteriors and interiors of homes and businesses. Our work involves using ladders and scaffolding; hand-scraping failing paint; applying primers, paint and stain. Your son/daughter will be a member of a two to five student team.

Does College Craft have insurance?
College Craft carries full Worker's Compensation, General Liability Excessive Liability Insurance. A certificate of insurance is available for request.

Do the students work close to home?
Our first goal is keep our students working. However, in most cases a student will work on homes close to his or her home town.

Are the teams supervised?
Yes. Daily, experienced, knowledgeable, managers help our students in all aspects of their job. Our managers take sincere interest in the success of our student employees.

How many hours a week?
Our Team Manager Trainee's are expected to paint forty (40.0) hours each week. Our teams begin at 7:00 AM and generally work a ten-hour day. Our Student Managers often work additional overtime hours each week completing management responsibilities.

Is safety stressed?
We take safety very seriously. We have the proper equipment to work safely; and between videos printed materials and extensive safety training, College Craft makes safety our number one concern.

What about pay? How much? When?
All of our painting student employees are paid hourly on a biweekly basis with outstanding bonus opportunities.

What advancement opportunities are available?
College Craft offers a well-defined "ladder" of opportunity for those who are interested in additional responsibility and commitment. Student employees are often promoted within their first summer. College Craft builds its success on the development of its student employees into management, sales and supervisory positions.

What about vacations or time off?
We hire students who can make a Season Commitment: committing to work 40 hours each week for their entire summer break. Students often have three-day weekends when weather and scheduling are favorable.

Thank you for your interest in College Craft's summer job opportunities for students. Should you have any further questions, please call your local College Craft office or call:
(800) 331-4441
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