Employment with College Craft: Benefits

Employees at College Craft receive outstanding training, management support, job freedom, business experience, compensation and opportunities for advancement. That is why thousands of individuals have chosen to work for College Craft since our founding in 1960.

  Training: We have exceptional training programs to teach all aspects of our business: from painting skills and technical knowledge to sales and management. We utilize a combination of classroom and field training to assure strong skill building and job understanding. Then, we back up our training with experienced field management.
  Support: Our employees are supported by College Craftॸperienced management team. Our full time managers and supervisors have extensive knowledge and are available to assist you during your employment. Regular job site visits by management keep you informed and involved.
  Independence: College Craft employees experience great job freedom on a daily basis as they perform a wide variety of business related responsibilities. The on site manager is in charge of the team෯rk schedule and performance. This leads to the development of strong time management and organization skills.
  Business Experience: For both seasonal and full time painting employees, a job with College Craft can lead to the development of exceptional management skills and business experience. Real world management, supervision, accounting, customer relations and employee development are an everyday part of our Team Manager and Job Foreman positions.
  Compensation: College Craft employees make great money. We know that to attract top quality people, we need to pay top wages. Seasonal employees can earn over $50,000 during four summers working for College Craft. Year round foremen and painters enjoy high wages and excellent benefits.
  Opportunities: Successful College Craft employees enjoy outstanding advancement opportunities. In order to grow our business, we need a good supply of experienced, motivated field managers, supervisors, sales representatives and market heads. Our training programs and experienced staff help prepare you for rapid advancement.

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