Best Values

Each year, thousands of homeowners just like you choose College Craft to paint their homes because College Craft provides the best quality, service and value.

When you choose College Craft to paint your home, you can "Rest assured" that you and your home are in good hands.
  Employees - carefully selected, conscientious, responsible.
  Training - unparalleled systems that produce solid painting skills.
  Knowledge - over 40 years and 65,000 homes of industry-leading experience.
  Quotation System - no gimmicks, no hidden charges.
  Material - since 1960 we've used only the best performing products.
  Painting Process - our teams prepare vigorously, paint efficiently and clean up thoroughly.
  Homeowner Satisfaction - documented 98.2% homeowner "enthusiasm" -no one cares more than College Craft.
  Management - full time, professional, very experienced.
  Guarantee - the first to offer a written guarantee. Still the best in the business.

There really is a difference in the materials used on your home!

Since 1960, College Craft has used primers, paints and stains manufactured by the top names in the industry.
College Craft's carefully selected, intensely trained and professionally managed teams of college students combined with the best performing products assures you of a beautiful, long lasting paint job.

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